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I pray

Friday a series of tornadoes (clusters) struck 5 states and left over 200 miles of devastation and destruction. The death toll is expected to be over 100 as entire communities in Kentucky were leveled to the ground. Initial reports were tearfully reported by the governor, mayors, and commanders over the National Guard, law enforcement, and first responders who all asked for prayer.

Sometimes, the best anyone can do in the aftermath of devastation is pray. And so often it is not the first thing we consider when we ask, "How can I help." Mental health providers are often involved after in these crisis moments have reached their final conclusion. When the wreckage has been cleared, recovery efforts exhausted, the families of the lost have been notified, and everyone has gone home to hug their loved ones who made it through the crisis alive. Days pass, weeks, then months, and years may follow and those who lost loved ones silently suffer. They cope with drugs or alcohol, isolation, and if their grief is bad enough, they have suicidal thoughts of their own.

Please get help before this happens.

Recently, Encouragers has been helping many in so much pain. Parents and children are feeling defeated and helpless. Children are cutting and seriously considering suicide as their only escape from the pain. Parents try everything they can to rescue their child but have no tools to make lasting change. They call us begging for help as their insurance can't find anyone willing or able to help. Of course, I can't turn them away. But what do I do when there is no more hours in the day and the need is bigger than we can meet?

I pray.

When school shootings occur and know in my heart we could have done something to prevent the losses,

I pray.

When parents don't see the pain they are creating for their children and those children feel lost and alone,

I pray.

When veterans come into the office crying for salvation from their pain and suffering, I pray.

When we cannot do more, when the pain is so intense, the loss so large, the brokenness so deep, sometimes all we can do is pray. Won't you join me in lifting our voices toward heaven and pour out our prayers to our God. And if you can afford a small financial gift to help us help those who suffer, our gratitude will eternally be yours.



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