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I Run To You

Who do you run to when life gets crazy? Do you tun inward to your own understanding and measure the world through your own paradigms? Do you listen to others around you and adapt their paradigms? Do you let someone determine for you what you will believe and who you will be? Recently, I learned of the Great Resignation that took place in February 2022, 4.4 million individuals leaving their jobs. Was this a planned mass exodus where, like sheep, the masses followed the leaders over a cliff, only to learn later the leaders did not take the leap? In so many ways, are you waking up to the double standards of those who are saying one thing and doing another? How does this reconcile with your sense of personal identity (truth) versus their expectations that you blindly follow without question or even noticing the disparity of their actions and words that translate to, "Do as I say, not as I do"? When you learn you have been deceived, who do you run to for comfort, clarity, and compassion?

When people run to therapy, I offer them the opportunity to be who they want to be and who they believe they are meant to be. When you lean on others to take care of you, you may learn they are more concerned about their own needs than yours. This "blind trust" leaves you vulnerable to the manipulations of another. When someone puts you out in front of their cause, they are standing behind you and are no longer leading you. They remain protected because you become the center of attention. They tell you to get excited, then step back as you step into their purpose and not one of your own making. You become responsible for the consequences of others if your cause is later found to be wrong. The ones who manipulated you are not affected by the consequences as you are their shield