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Intentional Conflict

Most people are living in a constant state of stress are existing in a survival state 70% of the time. They think and react to emotions that drive subconscious behaviors that become their existence, and wonder why they do what they do. Most decisions made from a place of fear are not intentional as they are driven by our emotions. When we make intentional choices we are making decisions logically.

Fear often leads us to assume the thoughts of another person. We try to meet their unspoken needs without them even saying a word. We might pick up on some negative energy, or a look, or body language that reminds us of another person, place, or time when we failed to meet someone's expectations and that resulted in negative consequences.

There are many problems when we attempt to meet someone's unspoken need. First, you don't know for certain if this is really a need of theirs. Secondly, you don't know if it's what they are needing from you right now. If you try to meet a need they are not expecting you to meet, it can feel controlling and manipulative. Here are a couple examples of this improper means of communication: