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Intentional Finances

What does it mean to handle your finances intentionally? Often, we can go about learning about finances from our parents, our friends, or our employers, but we never really "learn" about finances unless we are intentional. It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I realized I was not being intentional with my finances. I had a career and was working hard because that's what I saw others do. I had a 401k that I was contributing to and all looked well for my retirement. I had purchased a home with a pool and from the outside I looked like any middle-class American living paycheck to paycheck. Then the Stockmarket crashed and I lost 50% of my retirement over night. The bank crisis that followed the collapse of the market resulted in my my mortgage being sold out from underneath me. I was suddenly homeless. I lost my job due to company downsizing and everything changed seemingly over night. It was at that low point of my life that I read a book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it changed the way I looked at finances forever.

Imagine 3 people graduate the same high school and they return to their 20 year reunion to share what they have accomplished with their lives. When I went to my 20 year reunion I witnessed this in real life.