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Intentional Parenting

While walking one day, I saw this sign affixed to the wall of a fire station. It made me think of the conflict that is going on between schools and parents and how this sign could apply to schools as well...or maybe not.

Children are both a blessing and a challenge. It’s best to raise them with intentional parenting skills. Unfortunately, intentionality requires knowledge of what is happening in your children's lives and who the people are that are influencing them.

The recent attack on parents' rights is the result of newly exposed legislation and school curriculum that continues to undermine the authority of parents. Recently, Governor Newsome passed a law that gives 11-year old's the right to undergo gender reassignment without the knowledge of their parents. I'm hearing more and more concern from parents who are being told they do not have the right to know any medical information about their minor children and are being denied access to even be present when doctors are examine their children. It's true there are new HIPPA revisions and parents need to stay current on those changes and how their rights are being affected. More and more laws are being passed that are removing the parent's right to know, right to deny, and right to oppose. The more rules and regulations that empower others means the less power and control parents have. This is called, "weaponized legalism," and it's the enforcement of laws against one populous (eg. parents) and not enforcing the same laws against those who agree with their hidden agenda.

The world will ask you who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you."

Carl Jung

Having said that, there is hope for parents and their children. The younger your children are the better the chances that you'll be able to regain or maintain influence over them. Parents who have lost the ability to influence their teenagers have become discouraged and fearful as they watch them isolate and spiral into depression. Recovery is possible, but it will need intentional parenting skills and focus to turn the tide.

I will be offering an opportunity for parents to learn intentional parenting skills prior to the holiday season. This is usually a time that can create conflict and stress as parents feel obligated to meet holiday expectations. It's going to be even more difficult this year as limited resources and mandates continue to shut down opportunities to return to "normal."

If you would like to participate in this introductory meeting (in person, video, or download), please Call Kathy (951-900-4414) and we'll reserve you a seat. Date, Time, and Location to be determined.


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