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Live Strong

Have you noticed how angry you've become lately? Do you feel like you want to run away, but don't know where to go? Do you pace in your mind and roll over in your bed restless and irritable searching for the cause of your agitation? Do you watch the news looking for information that could help you figure out what is wrong in the world searching for solutions that will give you some peace? All this negative energy is actually very easy to explain.

The problem: Brokenness.

The solution: Strength

Brokenness begins at birth. Abuse experienced as a child doesn't have to be physical or sexual to be emotionally traumatic. A child born into a home where boundaries are broken, anger is openly expressed, and fear prevails will experience brokenness. The brokenness experienced as a child remains brokenness as an adult. We live in a world filled with broken people who hurt each other. We hurt the ones we love, and we hurt those who oppose us. We hurt ourselves. We hurt inwardly with depression, and we hurt those nearby with anger. We all hurt. Brokenness manifests as hate, selfishness, and greed. These are foolish attempts to feel strong. Brokenness keeps us focused on ourselves and that makes us weak.

The opposite is strength. Strength comes from intent. Intentionally resisting the things that cause hurt. When we intentionally focus our lives on kindness, generosity, and love we come from a place of strength and that strength overcomes our brokenness. The more intentional we are, the stronger we become. The stronger we become, the less broken we are. If you want to live strong, live intentional.

When someone doesn’t feel your legacy has value they feel justified to snuff it out.


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