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As a mental health provider, I have been concerned for the world ever since the pandemic hit. In the beginning, when the solutions were being presented, I was amazed at the amount of miscommunication, contractions, and how we were told to "follow the science," but the ones saying this were not following it themselves. I began to see examples of "do as I say, not as I do" and I wondered why so much money was flowing to solve problems created out of hysteria, while much bigger problems were completely ignored. I began to treat more and more people who were experiencing symtpoms of psychosis and delusional thinking rooted in irational beliefs that they didn't have prior to the pandemic. Fear was making everyone litterally go crazy and the news outlets and social media were reacting like sharks in a feeding frenzie.

We were told to "socially distance" ourselves, isolate at home, and wear masks so we would be protected, and as a whole, we obeyed. The government began paying individuals to stay home, businesses were kept shut-down, we couldn't go to the mountains or the beaches, hiking, camping, and fishing, were off limits, and we were told to stay away from those we loved. That's when I knew something was terribly wrong. I began to look at the cause and effect of what was going on. When I learned that the government was paying hospitals, schools, and politicians for every death attributed to Covid, I knew the statistics were being manufactured. When alternative treatments were banned, I knew the focus had nothing to do with health. When the heroes of 2021 were censored, I knew independent thinking was the target. When businesses were shut-down, I knew the economy was the target. When rioters were being paid to destroy, I knew the successful small business was the target. When schools closed, I knew the children were the target. Allegations of racism further confused the mind, and the destruction of peace became the target. Now we are entering our third year of forced isolation, masking, and vaccine mandates and thi