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Mine Consciousness

Mine Consciousness is when other's mold the masses behaviors for a predetermined outcome. Recently, I saw this play out at the gas station.

In 2020 I purchased a new Chevy diesel to replace my F250 that was stolen from my home. Because auto manufacturers were being redirected to build ventilators, the cost of that vehicle was ridiculous. But my need was greater, so I bit the bullet and paid the cost. At the time I paid $75 to fill my gas tank. Today, I get 1/2 a tank before the pump turns off at $90. Do the math. I'm now paying $180 to fill my truck. But like most people I am a slave to commuting as I don't have an office in my basement. Yesterday, it was time to "top off" at my 1/2-way mark and pulled into my local station. What I saw surprised me as where the diesel nozzle was previously, now a new green energy sticker said, "Biodiesel."

I thought, this sounds fishy, so I looked up what is biodiesel and learned it's a lot like Ethanol, "Biodiesel is diesel fuel made from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant greases." This product is more expensive than regular diesel, will inflate food prices, and is not compatible with all diesel engines. What came to mind was the trucks with the conversion kits in the back that turn peanut oil into fuel. Will I have to do that to my truck too?

Knowing my vehicle was not currently retrofitted for vegetable grease, I drove down the street to the other big name station and found the same thing, Biodiesel. By the time I went to the third big name station and saw their pumps also were changed-out, I realized I was seeing a pattern. A sticker on the pump said, "Check your manufacturers handbook for compatibility," so I did one better, I called the dealership where I purchased the vehicle. What they told me shocked me, "Don't use that gas as it will ruin your diesel." Instantly, I was beside myself with questions:

What if I hadn't checked with my dealership and assumed the replacement diesel was safe?

Why wasn't anyone advising diesel owners that the new green-diesel had the potential to damage their diesel engines?

Who would be accountable if I did put the "wrong" gas in my engine and it needed thousands of dollars to repair?

Or worse, who would replace my vehicle when it turned into an inoperable brick?

With the forced push to green energy the diesel engine is enemy #1 of the climate change globalists. I saw this last summer when I couldn't find oil or oil filters for my vehicle and was told it was due to the supply chain shortages. Now this. What's next? Will I be able to register my vehicle if it's a diesel? I don't know what the future holds for diesel engines, but I feel compelled to offer this public service advisement for your consideration.

Prepare for the worst,

Hope for the best.


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