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No Clue

How do you feed your soul? Does your soul get hungry? How do you know when your soul is under nourished? Do you get a empty feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do your hands start to shake and do you feel weak? What are the warning signs? Would you even recognize the signs if you knew them? What is soul food and where do you get it? Is there a soul gas tank and if so where is the gauge that will tell you when you’re running low? Where is the gas station where you go to plug-in to get recharged? Is there good soul food or bad sources like carbohydrates and sugar? How is it that we can be depleted of the resources our soul needs and what are the things that depletes our soul?

Is all of this questioning confusing?

I was playing a game of CLUE with friends the other night. I had never played before and frustrated everyone with my eternal questions. Why do we roll dice if it doesn't matter how many steps it takes to enter a room? How do I know what someone else is holding? Why are you guessing who did what, in what room, with what weapon, when I can't figure out why you even ask? I didn't understand and was becoming more frustrated as everyone else knew the game and was having a splendid time. I wanted to have a fun time, but something was missing. I was clueless. Then I looked at the directions. The missing link was you're supposed to show your card to the one who you are in disagreement with. Suddenly, I understood THAT'S how you know for sure, by process of elimination. And within two rolls I won the game.

Confusion happens when your head is trying to convince you to follow a lie that you heart knows is untrue.

What does soul food and the game of CLUE have in common? They can both be a guessing game. We know we have a soul, a spiritual side of us that is the internal unseen mechanism that gives us the ability to be uniquely human. We are all individuals set apart from everyone else but united by place and purpose. We have our own opinions, wants, and desires and can make choices how we want to act, live, and love. Our soul is the compass that guides us and the motivation for success is hope. Prayer and connection with our creator can lift us every morning with the sunrise and comfort us at sunset. It allows us to find blessings in the challenges, hope in the hopeless, and love even when we are not loving. Where God is, there is no confusion, only unanswered questions. Look at the rule book of life and the scriptures will reveal what is missing. You may find the clue you are looking for.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2



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