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One Thing Leads to Another

Couples are struggling with each other and their children are stuck in the middle trying to figure out the madness when what they hear is contrary to what they see.

I love listening to THE FIX and for the past few days their 2004 hit, "One Thing Leads to Another" has been playing in my mind. It seems such an appropriate song to address the chaos around us, in our cities, and in homes across America. In this video listen closely, and if you need to look up the words. It's all about deception and lies that has become normal for today. People will tell others that they are reliable, trustworthy, and honest. Then one day you find out they were anything but what they said they were. We want so desperately to protect ourselves and our families, but where is the truth and is truth really relevant anymore when the lies told to us are so much more appealing?

"You tell me something wrong