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A man's story is written on the pages of his book. From childhood they write their story in terms of their experience. Then, when they get older, they open those pages to girlfriends and wives. Most men will share their life stories with anyone who wants to read them. If previous "readers" have been kind and not too critical, they will be even more transparent and honest in what they share. If they feel safe, they will let the reader inquire, view, and explore every page of their life. They will reveal things they believe, and dream about, and hope for their life. You can gain understanding into the person they are because it’s all there on the pages that lay open before you.

Conversely, if a man has received criticism and shame about the contents within his book, he may not be so open and will only reveal pages he feels safe to share. If someone is perceived as unsafe or critical, the book may be slammed shut and the contents made unavailable to them. If this happens, it may take a lot of effort to build trust again in order for the book to be reopened again.

Open books require a reader in order to have value. When no one is reading them, books have no purpose. Similar to a book left abandoned on a shelf, an open book feels lonely when someone is not inquiring of them or exploring their pages. They have one purpose and that is to be read. An open book does not ask questions of its reader. It does not inquire of the readers life, beliefs, or the things that make someone unique and special from anyone else. It only lays there ready for you to be entertained. It provides knowledge, but it does not provide connection. Connection only happens when the book and the reader are engaged together. When the book is in the hands of a reader, it feels loved, needed, and is fulfilling his purpose. When a book feels abandoned on a shelf, he may find another reader who is more available, more entertained, more willing to share their experience and give them purpose again.


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