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Owed To Love

Last night I went out to dinner with friends and was caught off guard at the sight of an empty table with 12 glasses of beer, two uniforms (Navy and Marine Corps), and the names of those who died in Afghanistan recently attempting to bring home our abandoned Americans.

Tears came to my eyes, and I couldn't speak for several minutes as I was touched to my soul with instant grief and sadness. For days I've been angry, but the sight of this memorial spoke of the loss of the young men and women who have so quickly been forgotten while vaccines and critical race theory take center stage. May we never, ever forget their sacrifice, courage, and love for their country.

Last night I turned on the television and saw a program that was remembering 9-11. There seem to be more and more reasons to remember those who have died fighting against tyranny. We started this war being attacked on our homeland and for 20 years the battle in Afghanistan kept us safe here at home. The world enjoyed prosperity and peace. And then when it was time to end the war we were attacked again killing 12 innocents. The days that followed left many of us wanting revenge and frustrated that revenge would not be had. This is not the American I used to know anymore where our leaders run and hide, where they don't speak the truth, and where they force submission of the populous to their unrealistic demands.

I fear if we forget too quickly those who have lost their lives fighting against those who would take our lives from us, we will all regret we didn't enter the battle sooner. I fear there will be many more empty tables, and I fear even more unseen memorials for lives lost in the battles to come.


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