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Preparation Decreases Anxiety

How are you coping with the things that make you anxious? Stress is everywhere. Everyone is feeling the after-effects of the past two years that have fatigued our emotions and made us feel frail, vulnerable, and weak. Now we are bombarded with more fear driven warnings of a cyber attack from Russia that could hit our power grid and drive us into darkness. Do you cover up your feelings with drugs and alcohol or do you consider your options to prepare?

A lot of anxiety can be reduced simply by taking the things that bring you fear and redirecting that fear toward empowerment and preparation. If there is a warning of a power outage do you prepare by having batteries, flashlights, and a back-up system in place like a generator on hand? If you have an electric car and the power grid is shut down, do you have a plan-B for getting to work? Has your employer discussed a preparedness plan if the business is closed due to an electrical shut-down? Does your school have any advice for parents in case of a natural disaster or cyber attack? Do you have cash on hand for food and gas or are you like so many who only use debit and credit cards which will be useless is the electrical grid is shut down?

In other states across America people are taught to be prepared for natural disasters like tornadoes, ice storms, and floods. California teaches us to be prepared for earthquakes. Unfortunately, earthquakes come and go and people seldom head the warnings to prepare. We've all heard we should have enough food and water for everyone in your home to last a week, but few people actually do this. In the case of a cyber attack the experts are warning there could be no electricity for a month. What is your plan if you run out of food and water and you can't get money to buy food, or worse, the shelves in the store are empty?

Use the warnings to prepare and the preparation will lower your fear. Be wise in your decisions considering the needs of your family and talk to others about ways they are preparing. If everyone is ready to respond we will have less people reacting from fear. Like Chicken Little said, "The sky is falling," so don't just run around warning people of the danger, do something to prepare to avoid the danger instead.


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