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Recipe for Success

There is a well known saying, "Don’t ever let success go to your head and failure get to your heart." I believer that those who gain success also have to experience failure. You cannot have success void of failure as failure is the pathway to success.

It's the same with courage and fear. You cannot have courage without facing down fear. You must go through scary times in order to have experiences that lead to courageous acts. You must climb the mountain in order to stand at the peak and you must risk a broken heart in order to find love.

In both cases concerning success and courage you must be prepared. Some people will run into a situation unprepared and wind up flat on their face. This is not how courage or success is attained. There is a term called, "Sweat Equity." It means that you have to put in the work first, gaining value by each experience you have. All experiences are valuable because they can affirm the direction you are going as being correct, and they can let you know when you have gone off course.

When you pursue a dream you'll have passion as you seek your purpose. Passion will keep you motivated, knowing your purpose is the desired outcome, but experience and wisdom will show you how to get where you want to go. Passion without guidance can be destructive and even fatal if taken to the extreme. Passion unabated can make people do evil things and hurt others. History has show us that passionate leaders without oversight can start wars and destroy countries. Passion used in the right direction can also change the world to become a better place.

So, what are the ingredients for a life lived to the fullest?

1. You must have a reason and know your purpose.

2. You must seek wisdom.

3. You must have self-control.

4. You must face your fears and conquer them.

5. You must gain experience and be willing to learn.

6. You must be passionate.

7. You must remain committed.

Some say, "Follow your heart," but I think that is wrong. Your heart is where your passion and emotions live. You need both your mind and your heart to be fully engaged as one without the other will not allow you to accomplish much. Your mind will be logical and methodical about the approaches you must take, the plans you will develop, and the form of success you will encounter, but your heart will give you the dream in the first place, the passion to keep you engaged, and the purpose that will lead you to the victory dance.


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