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Repeat Offenders

The attacks on Israel has veterans and active duty families on edge and symptoms of PTSD are resurfacing with a vengeance. The horrific videos and photographs of the Israel-Hamas war have been surfacing on all social media platforms and news channels. Looking at these images over and over again causes secondary PTST trauma responses (anxiety, depression, uncontrolled fear, panic attacks) and re-traumatizes those who previously had PTSD opening up those old wounds.

Some commentators have said that the decade long conflict between Israel and Gaza had them "desensitized" and initially felt it was just another repeat offense of Gaza lobbing rockets into Israel. But the thousands who killed and were wounded and the capture of hostages makes this more than just another "annoyance" and has resulted in Israel's declaration of war. America's response has been mixed as again we find commonality and unity impossible as we contemplate one more thing to be divided over.

As in most cases where there is not a clear answer, I return to the Bible for clairity. The 10 Commandments says it is a sin to MURDER. When innocent lives are taken, babies shamelessly killed in front of their parents moments before the parents are killed, that is murder. Defending one's property and country by going to war against the assailants is not murder and is sanctioned in the Bible. Even the laws in America clearly define self-defense as not murder.

Let us pray for those innocent who may be caught in the aftermath of yet another senseless war where no one wins.


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