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Rocking Heaven

The pandemic took the life of another innocent life. My brother, Mike, lost his short battle with cancer recently and it was the lockdowns of the hospitals that killed him. He was not allowed to seek medical care last year because hospitals were only taking Covid patients. Doctors were inaccessible and the pandemonium of the Corona-virus prevented traditional medical care from taking place. All through 2020 he suffered silently. When he was finally able to get the medical care he needed, it was too late.

How many people lost loved ones last year? How many lives were lost not to the Corona Virus, but who were collateral damage because of the resulting shut-down, lock downs, and inability to get medical care? How many family members died in hospitals and nursing homes alone denied access to family members? I pray we never experience another solution like the ones we are only now coming out of. The radical cures to protect a few created more problems than solutions for the masses. Lives were lost unnoticed because there was no profit in it. Lives that matter were identified only by their value to supporting an agenda based on greed and manipulation. We should all remember that every life matters to someone.


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