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September 11, is always a difficult day for me. This year, it has been even more difficult as I hear the pains and complaints of our veterans seeking help.

Often, my clients find themselves caught between what others want them to believe and what is contrary to their own beliefs. It is in the people's solidification of truth, even when the truth is hard to hear, where America's resolve lives. One of my clients showed me this short clip of the Revenge of the Sith: How Liberty Dies. because he correlated the recent events of the past year-and-a-half and the division that has torn our nation apart.

The recent remembrance of 9-11 brings harsh contrast of how America has changed in the past 20 years. A generation has grown up in a safe and secure country and have no idea of the sacrifice it took to make it happen. The freedoms we have in America are unique and envied and hated around the world. Until you have traveled outside of the US, you cannot comprehend the blessings we have. The simple pleasures of being able to turn on a faucet and have fresh drinking water come out, to have a toilet inside our homes, to have a home that provides electricity, heat, and air conditioning is a benefit of the hard work, knowledge, and passion of others. We can call 9-1-1 dispatchers and request assistance and have police and fire fighters respond within minutes. These benefits are provided by people who have made the choice to protect and to serve others, even to the point of sacrificing their lives. To be able to work in a career we choose, to create a life for ourselves, to attend schools where we can learn, and the freedom to speak our truths out loud are freedoms and none of these privileges have come easily, but have been hard fought for. The American flag is not made of fabric but the blood of patriotic lives sacrificed for this country.

These privileges can be lost if we are unwilling to protect them and if we don't raise up the next generation intentionally. If you have not seen the horror of 9-11, you must see it and share it with your children. Unfortunately, many of our children will not hear the details of that horrific day in school and if you do not keep the truth alive, it will die. If we don't secure the truth, those who want to pretend the Holocaust of World War II never happened will do the same to our country's history. The destruction and removal of statues and the rewriting of our constitution will be our undoing if we are unwilling to secure our history. The words, "Never Forget" speak to the 9-11 events, but if we don't teach our children our history, they won't know what they should not forget.

Here is a website that explains the rights


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