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Secret Santa

I hope everyone had a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving where love was the focus and joy was the gift both in the giving as well as the receiving.

Now the focus is for the final push toward Christmas and the end of 2020. Thank God for the ability to put this year behind us. But, if we don't plan to be successful with the future we may find we've dragged 2020 into 2021.

So what is your focus going to be on for 2021?

Don't know what your focus should be for 2021?

Well, that's a problem to be solved and the only one who can solve that dilemma is you! If you are focused on the "I can't" you won't be able to find the "I cans." Some of the challenges of 2020 that you can begin to make changes to:

  1. Don't wait. If you're sitting around waiting for Government financial assistance to help you out of your financial crisis, it may never come. If you have the ability to work, look for work. Right now businesses are struggling to find good help. People have gotten used to their daily routine being only steps from their couch or their bed. Get off the couch, get a haircut, and put on your best outfit. If it still fits (yes, we've all gained weight sitting around this year) begin applying for a job.

  2. Be kind to others. Look at the attitudes you've developed over the past year. Have you become increasingly grouchy, even angry, maybe a little abusive and treated your family poorly? Did you run from your responsibilities in an effort to find a little happiness only to find that feeling was fleeting? Do you need to make amends to those who have stood by you while you had your emotional melt-downs? Repair what you have damaged and make a plan to be a better version of you right now.

  3. Be kind to yourself. Look in the mirror and the flaws you see. They may be battle scars from a hard-lived-life. Don't do more damage by continuing to beat yourself up. Pat yourself on the back that you've survived 2020. If you've lost a loved one during this time, hug yourself, love their memories, and cherish the gift of love you received from them. Then pledge to take their memory into the new year by being kind to yourself. Love is abundant even if you are the only one giving it to you. Sometimes, being your own Secret Santa is the best gift you can receive.

These three goals can be the gifts you give others. They don't cost much, just your time and effort. The best part is that when you give these gifts, you get gifts back. Gifts like appreciation, thankfulness, and peace. Three gifts we could all use right now.


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