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Strong Men

Men have been silenced for way too long. Men have been told not to think with their minds, but with their "little heads." They have willingly consumed porn that has led them into bondage of sexual addiction. The truth that one woman and one man might meet all your needs has been replaced by the lies against monogamy.

Women who have bought into the lies that they don't need a man, that they can make their own money, and can even earn money by the lives of their children. When they seek love, they think they will find it with multiple partners who take more than they give.

Single moms represent over 70% of households.

Families have been abandoned by men or women abandoned their man by choice. By accepting the lies of others, women learned that it's hard to make it on their own, struggling with both career and home, and the children are now abandoned by both parents.

There is a war against the family that has been building for decades and has come to climax today. For decades men were absent from the home and the women and children were left to fend for themselves. The enticements of the welfare system has evolved and now single moms and children who have followed the patterns of generations before them, are now entrenched in the cycle of poverty.

The solution to this is for men to step back into their families and begin to protect them again. Men need to stop being so selfish, stop popping and walking, and stop breaking hearts and homes. Men need to step into their strength of character and take action to protect the women and children. In the end, they will receive the respect they desire, the love that will not fail, and the hope of a better tomorrow.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid,

but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7


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