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Teachers and Trainers

I have learned that when it comes to learning there are teachers and trainers who will offer opportunities for growth. Who you learn from will determine the degree of growth for the student.

Teachers give you information that is valuable for learning. They stand in front of a classroom setting and share with students historical accounts that fill their minds with knowledge and education. They can recommend books, videos, podcasts, and blogs that will also contribute to the student's knowledge on specific topics which can be drawn upon later when needed. They help students grow their minds by giving their knowledge to them. There are limitations to teaching because the student mostly is reliant on what the teacher wants them to learn. Knowledge flows down a one way street. Students can ask questions to accelerate the learning process, but they are only the recipients of the teacher's choice of what they will to teach. The student knows they have successfully learned when they have passed the course or graduated from school. They receive a diploma and this is proof of their learning.

Trainers on the other hand engage in the learning process totally different. They are usually offering experience to a student who is seeking a specific skill. The student desires to know how to do something and the trainer offers them guidance, knowledge, and hand's on opportunity to try out what they are learning. It is an engaged two-way street of communication. Growth is achieved as fast as the student learns and is able to correctly apply what is being taught. A trainer corrects mistakes as they occur and shows the student alternative approaches to accomplishing the task. Only the student's ability to apply their knowledge of the skill they have learned will be the determining factor for success. No grades and no diploma, but a skill that will allow them to change their life and the lives of others.

Parents...are you a teacher or a trainer?

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from it"

At a time when so many are trying to erase history, there are others who would benefit knowing the truth about America's most famous historical figures. Brad Meltzer has written a children's book series called, ORDINARY PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLD. He and his team have selected well know individuals who made amazing changes for good, but the stories begin when they were young. The children they were developed them into the men and women they became. I found some of the series books for 1/2 price on: (

At Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers we offer both types of learning experiences. It's important to receive the knowledge but then it's even better when that knowledge is correctly applied.


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