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Teaching to Train

I failed miserably in school when it came to math. I could understand addition and subtraction because I could visually add and subtract on my fingers. When it came to multiplication, again, I could learn by visually seeing how the numbers lined up, added up, and totaled. When it came to geometry, I did very well because the measurements of real objects made sense to me. I could even understand fractions and the metric system. I was considered "above average" in math and was promoted to a unique group of students called, "Mentally Gifted Minors," a similar name would be GATE. I felt good until I hit the 8th grade. Then everything fell apart. What happened? Algebra. I could not understand the math at all because I couldn't see it. My teachers kicked me out of the program and shamed me to badly that I avoided anything to do with math for most of my adult life. Did I fail math? No, my teachers failed me.