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Ever since the pandemic of 2020, therapists and medical professionals have moved away from in office settings and moved toward remote appointments. Mental Health providers have pushed therapy on-line as well. This is a great benefit to someone who has a busy schedule and has to squeeze out an hour during their lunch time or when the baby is asleep in the next room. But many seeking mental health services need the face-to-face interaction and human connection. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to locate a therapist who will see them in the office.

I get it. As a business owner I would love to cut overhead by working from home. I save money on rent, insurance, gas, and travel time to and from the office. I can sleep in every morning and end my work day on time. I don't have to pay utilities or hire any employees. Heck, by working remotely, I just gave myself a raise. Can you say, Bonus!

So, why do I go to the office 5 days a week? Because I want to serve those who can't get served. I want to offer my clients an in-person interaction where they can see what I'm saying through my body language and what I write on my white board. I want to shake hands and reciprocate to hurting individuals with a much needed hug. Also, because my Interns are doing their school work remotely, I believe their training experience should be more up close and personal. Therefore, we offer remote and face-to-face sessions. I can't tell you all the benefits of in-person sessions, but I know our clients are grateful for the choice.

If you like the idea of talking to a therapist over your phone or laptop, give us a call.

If you want to see your therapist and get out of your daily routine, give us a call.

Either way, we are here to serve you.

"Serve willingly, as if you were serving the Lord and not merely people,"

Ephesians 6:7


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