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Trophy Life

When I was young I had the privilege of being exceptional at sports. I don't say that to brag, but I truly was gifted. I excelled at softball, basketball, snow skiing, and tennis. It was my goal to be the best at everything I tried and competed as often as I could. I received many trophies and had my name written in several news paper articles. I loved being the best, but what I loved most was having those trophies to prove I was the best.

When I gave birth to my daughter this all changed. My trophies ended up in boxes tucked in the rafters of my garage. I focused all my efforts on finding the nitch my daughter was good at. Coming from a highly competitive family where I was the only girl with 4 competitive brothers meant I had to work twice as hard to be thought of half as good. So, of course I had to prepare my daughter to be excellent at something as well.

At an early age I enrolled my daughter in soccer and T-ball. She spent more time watching butterflies flitter about the field than was engaged in either sport. Then when she was 6 we rented a horse and went on a trail ride together. I had always loved horses, but a single mom with a full-time career doesn't have time for such extravagances. When we rode, she would sit in front of me and I'd let her "drive" the horse. She was instantly in love with horseback riding. She had found her passion and now she is passing on that passion to her children.

I do not understand a lot of the racial tension, political disparity, or false accusations against people that are being made with a broad brush. I do not accept the labels and opinions of someone who tries to put another in a box they have created for them. I am keenly aware of my own limitations, and wish I were flawless, but I also know I do not have an intentional disregard for the struggles of others. Everyone has their own journey to walk and no two journeys are the same.

I believe my legacy is being developed through my hard work, dedication, and commitment to serve others. With Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers and Encouragers Family Counseling I get to continue to serve as well as avail opportunities for others to serve.

That's why our motto is:

Excellence in Service,

Excellence in Training,

and Excellence in Business Development.

We are not perfect - as our goal is not perfection. It's out effort, our compassion, our dedication, and our drive that makes us excellent. And we desire to be excellent for you.


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