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Ultimate Daddy

Today, we are celebrating Father's Day, I'd like to honor men who are "daddies." They love being called daddy, they love their children, and they love their children's mother. Daddies are a special group of men, yet not all fathers are daddies.

It takes a man who is a leader to be a daddy. Unfortunately, roles have changed and become so diluted that there is no clear expectation for what a father should do, could do, or shouldn't do when raising children. Men who were raised to be leaders will have an easier time being daddies. Men who were raised to be weak, indecisive, and selfish do not make for strong men, leaders, or daddies.

A daddy puts his children and their mother's needs above their own.

A daddy talks with his children, gives them advice, and leads by example: "Not as I say, but as I do."

A daddy walks beside his children and holds their hand, brushes away tears, and kisses foreheads.

A daddy corrects when necessary, but uses words to encourage more than discourage his children.

A daddy is someone his children can look up to, can trust, and who loves unconditionally.

A daddy will die to protect his children, like a lion at the door of his home, he keeps away danger.

Yes. It takes a special man to be a daddy. I'm proud of the men who are their children's daddy. It is by no mistake that God in heaven speaks to men on how they are to be men: strong in character, stature, leading their children, teachers of faith, and protectors of the family. After all, God is our father in heaven and he loves all his children unconditionally. He disciplines, he corrects, he teaches, and he guides. He is the ultimate daddy example.

Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,

the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”

Galatians 4:6


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