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Unprofessional Conduct

Everyone I know is wondering what is happening to America. Clients are baffled at the state of our Nation and the people who live here. How did 2020 create so much uncertainty and fear? It's like we're living in a bad horror film that we can't awaken from. There are questions that the people with the answers willfully won't give us. We know there is "something" going on but the ability to find the answers is more daunting than the questions themselves. What answers do come our way seem so bizarre and unfathomable that we instantly reject them, but then learn later the rumors were true. Fear of becoming a "conspiracy theorist" has resulted in people shutting the outside life out completely. Others who dive into the deep rabbit holes of each "theory" find themselves deeper and deeper depressed as they find nothing but hopelessness at the bottom of the hole. Both civilians and leaders are behaving poorly toward each other as we all scream condemnation and hate toward the ones we fear. People are selling their homes, selling their furniture or giving it away, and are running. They are running from the fear that will follow them as they realize there is no safe haven in America. Fear is everywhere technology is. If you are taking it with you, you are taking everything that is causing you fear where you are today.

Think about it...

What would happen if everyone turned off their technology? We wouldn't know what is happening around the world and the commentators wouldn't be influencing our opinions about what is happening. We have become such a society addicted to knowing instantly what is happening in the world and we crave the instant gratification that knowledge gives us. Until the knowledge is all bad. Then anxiety and depression set in because we are filled with problems with no solutions. Every day we are bombarded with new problems: fires, Corona-Virus, the economy, racial disparity, and riots. The smaller more personal side of life we are living with more problems as families are torn apart by addiction, affairs, and abuse. All of societies problems have been problems without reliable solutions for a very long time. We stay focused on the big issues the politicians want us to focus on and totally tolerate the problems in our own homes.

When you consider the options you have to make changes in your home you can begin to solve a small corner of the world's problems. If everyone took responsibility for their own lives, their own decisions, their own brokenness and made efforts to correct those problems with viable solutions that were not dependent on others, everyone would benefit.

Let's stop screaming at each other and making unrealistic demands that someone else is responsible for our happiness and wake up to the reality that only YOU are responsible for your own happiness. As long as you depend on others for your income, your supplies, your food, your education, and your value, you will always feel underserved because you cannot beg your way to riches, you cannot cram education down someone's throat, you cannot force someone to love you, and you will never find more personal value in the lives of others.


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