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When I think of power I think of riding my Harley. With the twist of my wrist I am racing down the road at full throttle. Power is exhilarating. It takes your breath away as you see the world speed past and risk increases. It's why Indy 500 racers do what they do, for the thrill of it. They will tell you, "It's what I was born for."

When I look at this picture of the sun I think of power. The way the photo captured the radiant light circling the sun makes me feel small and insignificant in comparison. The sun illuminates and provides warmth. It also is why flowers grow and we exist. Without it we would all perish. It has one purpose: It gives life.

Are powerful people born? No. They have found their purpose. When someone finds their purpose they can be unstoppable. We all wish we were more powerful than we feel. Everything we do involves risk and risk creates fear. What is it about risk that makes us stop? Fear is our internal mechanism designed to protect us from things that can harm us. In the cavemen days fear kept us from being eaten by a dinosaur, falling off a cliff, and allowed us to feel safe. That fear still remains in us even though the dinosaurs are long gone. Now we have imagined fears that keep us from taking risks and the truth is we have nothing to fear but our feelings.

You are powerful. You may not know it yet, but you have a purpose for your life. There is a reason you were born. You have a gift that is unique and it's there waiting for you to find and develop. Power comes from confidence. A lack of confidence can feel weak. Why are some people more confident than others? Well, they took more risks and were willing to press past their fears. Yep, on the other side of fear is courage, and the more courageous acts you do, the more courage you have. Courage increases as there is more evidence of overcoming fear which creates power and momentum and that is where confidence lives.

Here are some easy steps to take to begin the journey to gaining purposeful power:

  1. What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? What speaks to you? It can be a hobby, a talent, a desire, or a dream.

  2. How can you use that gift or talent to improve those around you? You can illuminate your purpose to benefit those near you or as far away as the sun. Is it a gift you can give away or teach others to give?

  3. What holds you back? If there are no lions, tigers, or bears, you fear is holding you back. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgment, criticism, and the fear of taking a risk. But it is just a feeling. This is where some will stop, give up hope, and will quit before they even try. This is where power truly begins.

  4. Step out in faith. You may fall, heck everyone does. You may get bumped and bruised and it will hurt. Don't be afraid of it, embrace it, and press on. A baby doesn't quit walking the first time he falls, he gets up and continues to fall, repeatedly. There will be more falls in the beginning than steps taken, but when you realize you are chasing your purpose you will be willing to do anything to see it realized. The next thing you know you are running full throttle.

The more you chase your dreams the more momentum you will have. That's when you know you have purposeful power. That's when you become unstoppable.


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