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January 2020 brought many blessings to Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers as we were awarded 4 generous financial gifts totaling over $15,000. We were so excited to get started with our new student Interns who would join us in our Practicum Training program. ECTC partners with universities across the nation who seek to give their students work experience so they can graduate with their masters degrees in Social Work, Professional Clinical Counseling, and Marriage and Family Therapy. These Interns then provide low cost and free services to individuals who don't have insurance or who can't afford their insurance copays or meet their deductibles.

When the pandemic hit in February 2020 over the next several months businesses and schools across America closed. Being deemed a necessary business, we worked. At a time when others were sheltering in place protecting themselves from the unknown, we were trying to figure out how to be more available. When others cried out in emotional distress, we were there to lend them a shoulder and a kind word even if only via the internet. While others shut down we opened up, expanded, and doubled our efforts.

Why did we work so hard in order to serve others? Because we believe in always being the hardest worker in the room (or via Zoom).

When the United Way of the Inland Valleys donated $9387.21, we responded by helping 52 families and over 74 individuals over 416 hours of free or discounted therapy. The generosity of private donors through 100 Women Who Care Temecula Valley chapter, the Schultz Family Foundation, and Sherry Ann and Steven Wayne contributed over $6000.00 that enabled us to continue to serve families by providing ongoing services long after the UWIV funding ran out. Even when the donations have been spent, Encouragers Counseling & Training continues to serve.

Our motto is:

Excellence in Service

Excellence in Training

Excellence in Business Development

I am grateful for the Encouragers Team who has been the shining light during the darkness of 2020. I am grateful to our donors who gave out of love for their neighbors. Because of these combined efforts - we work.

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be required;

and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more."

LUKE 12:48

If you would like to be a financial donor so we can serve even more, please visit the Donations Tab (above). The gift you give just might save the life of someone in need. God Bless You!


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