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Will Not Comply

Now it's personal.

Yesterday, I went to the store and as I walked down through the parking lot, I noticed this announcement on the back of a family vehicle and the picture became complexly clear to me. In less than 1 year we've become a Marxist-socialist nation. Think about it...

1. The middle class is being destroyed from mandating everyone to lose their good paying jobs. Police and firefighters, nurses and doctors, pilots, upper and middle management, business owners, and teachers are all losing their $100,000+ salaries. They lose their insurance and have to go on government Medical, Medicare, and food stamps just to feed their kids. Only the uber-rich will get richer. Everyone else is now the "poor."

2. Law Enforcement is being cut down financially and in numbers. Soon a new Federal Law Enforcement will take over and we'll be forced even more under control of the government.

3. The military is being divided by those who comply and those who won't. The latter are identified as unworthy will receive a "dishonorable discharge" that will steal their livelihoods and mark them as "dangerous."

4. School choice is a dream that they will not let happen. Every child will be forced into government schools where they can receive indoctrination that they are weak, stupid, bad, evil, and need to be taken care of because they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

5. Healthcare for all means government hospitals will determine who will live and who will die. Remember when China limited every couple to only 1 child and all other pregnancies became forced abortions?

6. The government run media will only tell you things they want you to hear, not what is the truth.

7. Proof of compliance (vaccine) will limit our ability to purchase food or receive services.

8. All except the uber-wealthy will be under house arrest. There will be no more court hearings, and no one will be judged by the law or a jury of your peers. All freedoms will be removed as the constitution is banned.

9. The financial banking system will collapse.

10. God will be removed from the face of the Earth and a new "god" will step in his place. Christians who meet in secret will be enemies of the state and martyred as a warning to others against such practices.

I never thought I would see America collapse so quickly. We are blindly walking off a cliff. Don't believe me? Items #1-8 are things that have happened or are moving toward happening now. We voluntarily placed ourselves under house arrest to avoid a man-made disease. We volunteer to wear masks and shame others who do not comply. You must show "proof" that you've received the mandated shot to have access to food and services. Lies have turned brother against brother, neighbor against friend, and had everyone reporting those out of compliance to the government who told you it was good. Those who have the power do not answer to anyone and walk off stage, turn their backs, and deny any allegations made against them.

They no longer hide their intentions to collapse the banking industry with out-of-control taxes and government spending. They are already introducing a new financial banking system using cryptocurrency. In China, the government gives out phones (so do we) and on that phone is your ability to purchase. Do not comply, and they turn off your phone leaving you without any purchasing power. Comply or they starve you to death.

Last year politicians cancelled Thanksgiving and said no family gatherings were allowed. This year they are cancelling Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Step 10 is only just around the corner.

I spent 4 hours yesterday looking for an oil change for my diesel and was told that the government is going to remove my ability to drive in the name of climate change. I have a question for everyone who is completely on board with no gas run vehicles and only solar and wind power. What will you do when the clouds block the sun, and the wind doesn't blow, and you can't recharge the battery of your electric vehicle?

The one thing that brings me peace is that I know my God is bigger than all of this.

"They are brought to their knees and fall,

but we rise up and stand firm."

Psalm 20:8


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