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Winter Wondering

Valentine's Day can bring blessings and moments of love, or it can feel like nails on a chalkboard. Some people cringe at the thought of having to fake their true feelings and give gifts they resent to a person they don't feel particularly fond of at the moment. For singles Valentine's Day is a sharp reminder of the lack of intimacy with another, and for those in challenging relationships it can make the brokenness seem even more obvious. In reality it should be a reminder that intimate relationships need focused care in order to thrive. Even relationships that are struggling can be revived when two people make concerted efforts to love one-another.

There is a saying, "It's always darkest before the dawn," and there is a certainty that winter comes before the spring. Seasons come and seasons go and memories of the past will linger. The good news is you get to decide what memories will have lasting effects.

Every year there are challenges, last year it was Covid, shut downs, and political conflicts. This year brings more challenges and those challenges will mean more change. What will be written in the history books is not as important as what will be remembered by your children and loved ones. Let today be the first day of your love legacy. Write a love letter to your wife, and PLEASE leave off everything negative. Try being as encouraging as possible with no strings attached. Do the same for your young children. Share with them how much you love them, want the only best for them, and ask for their forgiveness for your short-comings. Then make an effort to be a better spouse and parent. If you have caused brokenness in your relationships, apologize and take responsibility for your part. It's not about getting someone else to apologize, it's about you being a person of character.

Soon the snow will melt on the hearts of your loved ones. The sun will shine more brightly with increased compassion. The chill of discouragement that has been present all winter will soften. The sounds of spring will gain momentum as your love flourishes and you leave behind the winter of wondering.


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