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Within Means

How many of us are living within our means? Are we spending more than we have, buying more than we need, or wasting resources we may need later?

I have found that there are two recommended steps to financial freedom: Live within your means and get debt free.

But what if your means isn't considering the resources you have on hand during a disaster? I learned growing up that we should have "at least" 3 days rationing. Living in California the threat was always the impending earthquakes that would limit access to electricity, water, food, and help. The 1994, 6.7 magnitude Northridge Earthquake resulted in roads collapsing and help had to be organized and flown into many areas. The recommended 3-day resources some people had were not enough. Help was delayed not days, but for several weeks. Those who were unprepared suffered the most. The lessons we learned from that experience is that we might find ourselves homeless if our houses become damaged, we might find ourselves without water if the water becomes contaminated, and we might be on our own in terms of medical care. How prepared were you for the food limitations and toilet paper shortages of 2020? As the pandemic lingers and lockdowns are threatened to return, will our resources again be limited, or even non-existent?