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Recently, I heard someone speaking about their husband's character, "He's not tactful, but he is truthful." Even though she said the delivery of the truth can sometimes be painful to hear, she appreciates that he is always honest with her. The world we live in makes one appreciate honesty and grieve the lack of it. Everywhere, dishonesty rules the day and the resulting confusion leaves us feeling lost and alone.

Lies destroy us in the workspace, the neighborhood, and in the home. Fear of the unknown has created a generation who fear walking out their front door. We have become prisoners of our own making and living has been replaced by merely surviving. But what are we truly afraid of: Pain? Suffering? Death? When we are afraid of pain, we will avoid risk. When we are afraid of suffering, we become physically and mentally weak. When we are afraid of death, we become unable to live. All this can be reversed, but it takes a strong mind, body, and spirit. We must challenge t