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A Happy New Year?

This year Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers has grown in staffing and services offered to the 3 communities we serve: Riverside, Corona, and Murrieta. In 2018 we'd like to do even more! Who we have helped: We assisted victims of the Las Vegas and San Bernardino shootings, Southern California fire victims who lost everything they had, military veterans and their families. We've supported parents with special needs children, women of domestic abuse, and first responders who have to deal with their own pains of loss and struggle. We have helped women who have eating disorders, abandonment issues, and pain from childhood abuse. We've come along side Victims of Crime who needed to heal f


Several years ago I offered motivational courses and was honored to meet some pretty inspirational people who have authored books and made a lot of money sharing their words of wisdom. I recall hearing that if you don't write down your dreams, they will only remain wishes and you will never bring them to fruition. I encourage all my clients to journal their growth, and when they do, they will have a personal testimony of their journey to healing. The pains of the past becomes life's lessons we can pass on to others. The Bible says it this way, "For everything that was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures, we mi

Ready To Serve

Here it is…Christmas morning! Did you buy all the right gifts, wrap them up really pretty and put them under the tree? Did you remember to take the turkey out of the freezer? Is the coffee brewing? Did you purchase the gluten free option for your food sensitive relatives? Are the packages all opened, the ribbons and paper on the floor, and the sound of laughter settling into a gentle whisper of the day? Can you finally stop and take a breath and enjoy the moment? We here at Encouragers are taking time off this week to focus on the birth of Christ and the love he gave to us. The Bible says Jesus gave up his place in heaven to come to earth to be with us. He was a king, who chose to serve. Thi

Merry Clusters

I saw this picture and it made me laugh. Ok, so I guess I'm a little "sick," but humor is truly one of the best methods of therapy. Recently I received a phone call from a veteran who was discouraged, in pain, and was "tired of suffering." In these types of cases it rips my heart to shreds because I know the pain he's going through is physical and I can't help with that. So, I take us on a journey of laughter and joy, and talking about these things "helps." Sometimes, being nothing more than a positive influence in someone's life is all we can be. A supportive word, a shoulder to cry on, or a gentle touch of the hand can all be very good "medicine." As we celebrate the love of Jesus's birth,

Be A Blessing

How much money have you spent for Christmas presents this year? Once the wrapping paper has been ripped off, the packages torn asunder, and the clothes, toys, and technology put away, what will remain? Will you return to a busy life of frustration, worry, and disappointment because the wonder of the Christmas morning lasts only for so long? Will the children return to fighting, you and your spouse continue your unfinished disagreements, and once again will life steal your joy? What if you had all the problems and none of the presents? What if Christmas morning you woke up to no tree, no gifts, no lights, no Christmas breakfast, and no smiles. Would you consider Christmas, "The Happiest Time

Comings and Goings

One of my all-time-favorite Christmas movies is "A Muppet Christmas Carol," and the watching of this movie sets the tone for the holiday spirt that washes over me. In the movie, Kermit The Frog sadly is sharing with his other children about the loss of his son, Tiny Tim, and explaining that,"Life is a series of comings and goings. That is the way of things." It is a sad scene filled with emotion as Miss Piggy attempts to hide her tears from the others. I can relate with this scene because it is so true, that life, all life, is about comings (birth) and goings (death), but it's the between times that matter and are the gift of life. How we choose to live that life is up to us. "The future b

Dazed and Confused

A friend and I were talking about how society is becoming so violent, even while there is less and less accountability for one's actions. She was expressing frustration that people are becoming more aggressive, more angry, more assaultive, and less capable to handle day-to-day challenges. In frustration my friend said they should, "Stop being a snowflake (melting at any challenge) and suck it up buttercup!" I considered her words and they crashed in on my consciousness as I watched the news report on murders, suicides, sex scandals, and other negative commentaries. I turned to Facebook seeking some kindness in the world and saw a college boy maliciously trip an unsuspecting girl from behind

Famial Feeling

Last night Encouragers had our annual Christmas party, and today I woke up feeling blessed. Family is a blessing, and the Encouragers' Team is family to me. Each member of this family has their own particular gifting of love, life, and encouragement for others. The miracle of love is that we can gather and share the spirit of love with people we hardly know even as our hearts are breaking for those we serve. 38 "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38 Every day at Encouragers we "love on" our clients and give them a safe place to find a

Grieving The Losses

The Southland is Ablaze. Actually, a lot of California is enveloped in firestorms. People are being evacuated in unprecedented numbers, homes are burning to the ground, livestock are being displaced, and families lives are being torn asunder. The Encouragers Team is ready to help. During this crisis, and the days following, we will provide services to anyone affected by these fires at no cost to the individuals or families. Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel affected by these terrible times need only call us and we will support you and your families as well. Devastation of this magnitude is difficult to embrace emotionally, let alone logically as we try to make "sense" of it all. Why all of

Living Unconsciously

Have you ever be in constant conflict with someone who believes they are 100% correct and you are 100% incorrect? Have you fought against that perspective with all your might, only to be left hurt, frustrated, and without resolution? Does it appear that the other person only wants to talk about their "feelings" and can't see things logically? In some cases this is exactly true. One client said to me that they feel their child is, "Living unconsciously," as they only follow their heart and don't use their brain for logical decision making. I share with my clients who are in constant battle with a spouse or a child that sometimes it's about the battle more than it's about the reason for the

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